Aesop Story Engine – version 1.7.3 problem

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Aesop Story Engine – version 1.7.3 problem

Aesop Story Engine

Aesop Story Engine Version 1.7.3 has one problem that I know of.

I updated to Version 1.7.3 last week. This is the latest version as of today (March 21, 2016). It was showing a white band on my Home Page, at the top, on my picture approximately above my eyes, on this website So I reverted to version 1.7.2 as follows.

Note: I have Macbook Pro OS X El Capitan Version 10.11.3. I use Safari as my browser.

1) I visited this site : ““.

2) I scrolled down to “Other Versions“.

3) I clicked on version 1.7.2 (svn). This downloaded the folder aesop-story-engine to my downloads directory (I have specified my downloads directory for automatic downloads).

4) Using FileZilla FTP app, I logged on to my website server, and to my main directory for this site.

5) I switched to wp_content -> wp_plugins.

6) I renamed the aesop-story-engine (version 1.7.3) folder to aesop-story-engine-1.7.3-bad.

7) From my local download directory, I dragged the 1.7.2 version aesop-story-engine folder to my server’s wp-plugins directory.

8) I made sure the new folder is there and the contents are the same as my local folder’s.

9) I refreshed my Home page on this website.

10) The problem of the white band on the screen no longer showed up. Page looked great as before.

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VasundharaAesop Story Engine – version 1.7.3 problem

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