Gaana Jyoti

Gaana Jyoti is a collection of songs performed in a Live Carnatic Music Concert. The songs were chosen with great care, and offered in an order that would make the concert interesting and fun for the audience. Every song is of a different Raagam (a distinct Melody defined by the 7 musical notes and other distinct features). Typically, in a Carnatic Music Concert the first item of the program is Varnam and the last one is Mangalam. Languages of the songs in this concert are Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi. Please see Blog->Music for further information about Carnatic Music.

Gana Naayaka
Vaathaapi Ganapathim
Manujudai Putti
Seethamma Maayamma
Bantu Reethi Kolu
Asangoham Asangoham
Muruga Muruga
Alaipaayude Kanna
Ab Jaago Mohan Pyaare

VasundharaGaana Jyoti