Flower in the Rain

Landscaping can be a fun and profitable hobby

Vasundhara Nature

A few pretty yards, so many different designs Landscaping can make you Happier and Richer! Hi! I know you are getting mad at me, especially women, for suggesting that you may want to get interested in landscaping design or improvement! But if you have a decent front and/or back yard, and you like to keep things pretty in general, it …

VasundharaLandscaping can be a fun and profitable hobby
Flower in the Rain

Rain, rain….come back again….

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Oh, the beauty of Rain!  When I was having a cup of coffee early morning, I heard this mild sound of thunder. When I heard it a little louder the next time, I wondered, can this be rain? Or is this a farce, a facade, a false alarm? But then when the third and fourth thunder sounded louder followed by …

VasundharaRain, rain….come back again….