Vasu has a gentle, kind demeanor with an attractive, vibrant personality. She likes to do anything well – small or big, to do the best she can, giving it a 100 % of effort. For her the job should be a work of art. Then there is no reason to worry about the results over which we have no control. Even as a Software Engineer, her smile and friendliness was always appreciated and she was commended for always giving a little more than what was expected from her. While grateful for her talents, she admires and enjoys the talents of others. She believes that everyone is talented in one way or the other. Most of all, she has a great sense of humor and warms up to people.

Vasundhara is a gifted, talented, versatile singer with a very sweet and clear voice. Vasundhara is also a Software Engineer, but her Music is inborn, and so it comes easy and natural for her.


Vasu learnt classical music as a child in India. Her several Ghazal, Bhajan, Devotional Music, Rajasthani Folk Music, Tamil Ghazals and Carnatic Classical Music albums have been released. In her music repertoire, she has 9 albums in 5 genres of music. One of her Ghazal albums is with Anup Jalota.

Vasu’s albums are available here on her Website and Facebook. They are also available on ITunes, Amazon, CD Baby and all other popular digital music stores.

Vasu has performed live several times, accompanied by world-renowned artists such as Ustad Tari Khan, Shabbir Khan etc.

Vasu has coordinated and directed music and also provided vocals for the Video “Abide As The Self” on Ramana Maharshi.

Other Interests

But it doesn’t stop with music and academics. Vasu loves all sports, herself playing tennis for fun. She has several other interests and hobbies. She has 8 websites in various areas of interest.

Beyond all this, Vasu cherishes inner peace, positive attitudes and kindness to all.