Atma Jyoti

Atma Jyoti means the “Shining Light of the Real Being”. This album contain “Nirguni Bhajans”, devotional songs on the Reality without any attributes. They provide guidance to those who seek peace of mind. The songs are much like Kabir Bhajans. They are simple but contain practical advice, with words quite easy to understand and follow. Also, the Bhajans in this album has marvelous, unique tunes. The arrangements brightening the songs use a mixture of classic and modern instruments. The end result is a collection of Melodious Bhajans, with simple lyrics and useful meaning.

Har Jagah Wo Hi Wo Nazar Aaye
Is Tan Ka Gumaan Nahin Hota
Bhoole Raahi Ko Disha
Paar Jaana Tha To Phir
Bhajan Ki Naav Hai
Use Tum Apna Banaalo
Aap Itna Karam Kijiye
Tu Sab Kucch Paayega

VasundharaAtma Jyoti