Looking Good!

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Being Generous will Pay Back in many ways
Lesson I learnt from a Policeman

Looking Good!

Let’s face it! Women or Men, after our basic needs are taken care of, the thing that we care about the most is Looking Good! The fact is, it does not matter what your race, gender, color, complexion, height and weight are, you can look good! No one is born perfect. If you want to look good, you have to learn how to do make yourself look good. Learning is necessary for everything, including self-improvement externally and internally, physically and mentally.

First of all, the basics for looking pretty or handsome have to be taken seriously. They are: Eating Healthy, Exercising, Meditation. In other words, Physical and Mental Health must be watched and improved as much as possible. These are necessary for people of any age, young and older.

Everything we do, including thinking, is mostly because it is our habit. So it is necessary to change our habits for the better, gradually, one baby step at a time. Placing limits and making resolutions work for some people. But mostly, putting pressure on ourselves affects us negatively. When we put pressure on ourselves, if we accomplish something, it is great. But if we fail, we look down upon ourselves and feel worse than before and quit pursuing our goal.

Only Knowledge, Understanding and Pondering over it can create constructive optimism and the belief that things can be done if we do it as much as we can, increasing gradually. Once in a while, we may fail; but that’s okay. The way we live is not an exam! No one is going to fail us for what we are. It is up to us to decide about our life. We should do it because it is good for us, not because someone else will approve or dislike us.

If we feel lousy mentally, we will not look as good as we can. Mental health is very important. There are methods and techniques of meditation, breath exercises, yoga, prayer, chanting, reading and watching tranquil material, associating with peaceful, wise people etc. that you can follow to feel calm and relaxed. You can choose anything you like and want to do.

If someone says this is all easy, they are fooling you! Nothing comes without effort. Even if someone appears to have got it easy, it is only rational to assume that they have made the effort at some point of time. So, if you want to look and feel better, you must make effort.

Sometimes scheduling exercising or meditation, yoga and such activities with other people will help a great deal, if it is convenient and not stressful. It will gently force you to participate in healthy activities. Besides, it can be fun!

Beware! You should never compare yourself with others. I cannot stress enough the importance of this. Each one is here for a purpose. And it is no one else’s business. You do all these self-improving things because it is good for you and could make you healthier and happier. Not because you expect someone else to give you a medal for it!

By looking and feeling good, you also help others – you spread beauty and charm around you. When you smell good, you spread fragrance around you. When you feel calm and loving, you spread goodness and happiness around you. So you see, taking care of yourself for the right reasons will help others feel better too.

In a nutshell, when we take care of ourselves, physically and mentally as much as possible, then the automatic side effect will be Great Looks and goodness all around. I guarantee it!

Being Generous will Pay Back in many ways
Lesson I learnt from a Policeman
VasundharaLooking Good!

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