Ladies Fashion Ideas – Saree Ensemble

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Ladies Fashion Ideas – Saree Ensemble

Saree is the most beautiful dress in the whole world. It can basically provide beauty, comfort, convenience and a range of the most simple to the most extravagant.

So I have put together an ensemble I like. Perhaps you may like it too. So I have presented it here.

To start with, I chose plain black sarees and blouses. To brighten it up, I am choosing orange color accessories.

The beauty about this outfit is that you can dress it up or dress it down. In other words, by wearing the appropriate jewelry, handbag and shoes you can make this outfit good enough for a special occasion or a simple outfit to go to a movie or a restaurant or even for work.

The outfit I am showing here is very decent and modest, yet attractive and pretty. I think it will look great on any color, complexion, height or size.

Here I have presented two sarees the saree in basic black.


Black Saree

These jewelry below should look great on any woman, definitely on someone as pretty as you!


For a simple, casual look with the clothes shown, you can try a necklace like this, or even a simple gold chain will be great.
For a dressy look, try one like the other gorgeous necklace!

Maxi Show1 Chain Aren’t these absolutely beautiful? Maxi Show1 Necklace

Nothing can be simpler than these, however they add just the right amount of color that can either go with a simple chain with or without a pendant, or they can support a bright necklace. Since both the red and orange colors are present in the blouse, you can mix and match these earrings and necklaces.

Maxi Show Stud Colorful Studs or Classy gold toned Studs Maxi Show1 Gold Stud

Or if you want novel, brighter linear gold toned drops, you can go for something like these!
Maxi Show1 Linear

Bracelets or Bangles:

In some cultures, a bangle or a bracelet is a must. These days, they have become popular everywhere.

First there are the simple ones. And then there is this modern and elegant clasp which will look great on one hand and a watch with a gold, black or orange strap on the other.

Bangle2 Two kinds but both wonderful! Bangle3


If you are one of those ladies who is fond of rings, something simple like this would be great.


I chose simple shoes, even though each is simple, bright and beautiful in its own way. I have shown the samples below.

Shoes4 Shoes5



To top it all, you must have a nice handbag. One of these two should suit your situation sufficiently. And here come the Handbags!

Handbag3 Shoulder Handbags are pretty and convenient for sarees! Handbag4

Well that sums it up, I think! Simple, casual, elegant and comfortable items that will look beautiful on you! Hope you enjoyed the Saree Fashion show!

Men's Fashion Ideas - Casual and Nice
Ladies Fashion Ideas - Maxi Skirt Ensemble
VasundharaLadies Fashion Ideas – Saree Ensemble

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  1. Janhvi

    I also want the same to same saree, but i couldn’t find it can u please tell me from where you bought it.

    1. Vasu

      Sorry, this is an old post. The same sari may not be available any more, but if you google and search, you may find similar ones. Good Luck!

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