I care about you

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I care about you

You want to know how I care about you?  Because you who is reading this, man, woman or child, I wish you well. I wish you all the best in life. And I wish that you should be happy and be able to live a fulfilling life. I wish that all your good desires come true and all your good actions have successful results. I wish you good health, beauty, prosperity, happiness and peace of mind.

Yes, I really do care about you. Because you and me, the life force in us is the same.

Love is everywhere.  It is in the Hearts of people. To think that you have to be related to someone to feel love is not true. To believe that only your brothers, sisters and relatives can love you is incorrect.  Sometimes it is the opposite.  Except parents, of course. They have unconditional love for you.

Sometimes strangers can love you more than the so-called close relatives or friends. You just don’t believe in it, because we are all brainwashed from childhood by society to cling to family members and care only about them. We are told that we have to be clannish, that love should be only among family members.  My brother, my sister! Others don’t count, no matter how nice and helpful they are to you. Make use of others, but love your own – this is what we are taught from childhood.

But I don’t agree with that. For me everyone in this world is important. And if someone is nice and kind to me, he or she is my brother or sister or close friend. I will be grateful to them for ever.

I can give you countless examples of so many nice and kind people, but I will give you just a few of them here. One day, hopefully, I will write the story about the kindness and goodness of each one of them.

A very kind, helpful person who helped for the sake of it

Once someone I barely knew, recommended me to his boss and helped me get a good job, unconditionally. He had confidence in me. To this day I have nothing but warm feelings for him. I actually had a reason to be a little annoyed with him later. But that is trivial to me. It is easy to come up with excuses for not being grateful. I will never forget the help he offered me when I needed it the most. I did make sure that he got a little help from someone I know when he needed it, even though he did not ask me for it. He is a good person. I hope that he is always happy.

The lady who was no stranger to kindness

Once I got locked out of my house. It was a new neighborhood. The door was such that the lock could be engaged when I shut the door, and I needed to make sure that the key was with me. I came out to the garage but accidentally shut the door. But I did not have the key to unlock the door. I was in my robe and barefoot. I wandered around the street looking for someone to help. No one was there. I just knocked on the door of a house randomly, and a sweet lady answered. She was a professional in a television broadcasting company, but it was her day off. I told her the problem. She was in her robe too, relaxing in her house. But she told me, “Don’t worry, I will take you to the office of this complex and they will have a master key to every house here.” She immediately took me to the office and sure enough, they opened the door to my house with a master key. To this day, I am extremely grateful to this stranger who went out of her way to help me. I love her and wish her well!

If only every human being were kind like him…

Once at work, for a Party, they wanted me to sing. It meant a lot to me. I loved singing. But I did not have anyone to play an instrument to accompany me. I did not have anyone to practice with. And there came this wonderful engineer from another division of the company. I hardly knew him. But this stranger, offered to help me.

He was so nice and kind, so real. He treated me with respect. He graciously invited me to practice at his home where he played the piano. He volunteered to bring over his keyboard and accompany me when I sang at the party. He suggested a song saying that it will be appropriate for the occasion. He practiced some other pop songs with me as well, for the party. During the office party, our mini concert was a success. The audience was extremely appreciative. The applause was hearty and loud. We did it as a team, me and him. Oh! How I wish I had recorded it!

After a while, I got an office email that this sweet person had passed away in a car crash. I don’t think I have ever felt so sad about anyone so far in my life as I did that day. To this day, when I think of him, tears well up in my eyes. What a wonderful person he was! What a true friend, a brother he was, even though he was a stranger! He didn’t have to live long to make a positive impact in the world. I love him and thank him with all my heart.

So you see, you can and should love everyone.  Not just your own.  

Don’t get me wrong.  There are obligations and duties to everyone of us and that pertains to just the immediate members of our family.  We cannot be taking care of the whole world.  We don’t have to go out of the way and invite the troubles of everyone into our own household. We don’t have to distribute all our wealth and belongings to strangers, unless we become monks or sages. But when a situation arises where someone genuinely needs a little help, we can do whatever we can to help them. That’s all. And that is Love.

People typically think, “he is not my brother, she is not my sister, they are not my close friends or relatives, why I should I love them, why should I help them?” Even when a brother, sister, relatives or friends treat us horribly and are jealous of us, or mean to us, we cling and attach ourselves to them. We are afraid to let them go. We have this emotional bondage. This is not Love. This is attachment. And attachment will not give true happiness.

So my friend, I truly care about you even though I don’t know you personally. I wish you well.  I wish you good health, beauty, prosperity, happiness and peace of mind! You probably think that my wish won’t have any real effect. Perhaps you think that my wish is hollow.  You are wrong!  My wish is real and so it should have at least some good effect.

Therefore my friend, when you are here, you are loved.  Take care!

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VasundharaI care about you

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