Madonna - Shanti Ashtangi

aMadonna – Ray of Light – Shanti-Ashtangi

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Madonna is a very nice singer. Her songs are simple. She does not put on any airs nor does she go into complicated patterns that do not sound natural with her. She sings within herself. She is pretty and performs well in front of a live audience too. I really like some of her songs, and this song is one …

VasundharaaMadonna – Ray of Light – Shanti-Ashtangi

Herb Alpert

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Herb Alpert…Where does the sweetness come from when he plays the trumpet? It doesn’t sound earthly! Just like when we smell a Rose or a Jasmine the fragrance never fades for a long, long time, so does Herb Alpert’s music stays in your ears and mind, perhaps even longer! I hope you can enjoy his songs as much as I …

VasundharaHerb Alpert
Carpenters: A Kind of Hush

There’s a kind of Hush

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The Carpenters – Karen and Richard Carpenter Wow! What great music! I never get tired of listening to them, and I can easily say they are two my all time favorite singers. This is another kind of music that I have always wanted to sing and record. Having said that, I genuinely love all the kinds of Indian music I …

VasundharaThere’s a kind of Hush
Beatles - Vasundhara

Norwegian Wood – Beatles

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Beatles…What is there to say? Everyone knows already! What I am impressed with is that, other than the fact that they are great singers and have a sweet style that appeals to me, as young singers their lyrics have depth and they contain wisdom. Like “Let it be”, “Hey Jude”. I am sure you will enjoy this one too!

VasundharaNorwegian Wood – Beatles

Norwegian Wood

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Stan Gill is a multi-talented professional. He is an accomplished artist on the Guitar. Here is one of his beautiful renditions of the song “Norwegian Wood” by The Beatles.

VasundharaNorwegian Wood