Ennuyir Anbe (Volume 2)

நெல்லுக்கு இறைத்த நீர் வாய்க்கால் வழியோடிப் புல்லுக்கும் ஆங்கே பொசியுமாம்; தொல்லுலகில் நல்லார் ஒருவர் உளரேல் அவர் பொருட்டு எல்லார்க்கும் பெய்யும் மழை  – ஔவ்வையார் –

When the rice fields are watered, the water will flow through waterways and water the grass too; if in this world there is one good person, on behalf of that person the rain will fall for everyone  – Avvaiyaar – (A Lady Saint of India)

“Ennuyir Anbe…” (My Life, My Love) is a Tamil Song Album, set in a unique Ghazal style.  Please see Music Blog for a brief definition, rules and description of a Ghazal. In short, Ghazals are poems whose words blend and rhyme so well, resulting in a beautiful musical melody. This is Volume 2 of the 3 Volumes of this album.  Even though all the songs in the album are Ghazals, each volume has a unique style, different composers and arrangers.  So it is safe to say that each volume is in reality a unique, separate album. The Lyrics and singing for this album is by Vasundhara.
Koyilil Koottamum Irundhadhu
Pagal Veyyil Vandha Pinne
Eppodhum Undhan Ninaivu
Etthanai Maatram Avaridam
Avarin Azhagu Anaitthum
Virundhinaraai Avar
Manadhukkenna Aanadhenru
Sila Manidhargal Nammai

VasundharaEnnuyir Anbe (Volume 2)