Ennuyir Anbe (Volume 1)

எல்லோரும் இன்புற்று இருப்பதுவே அல்லாமல் வேறொன்றும் அறியேன் பராபரமே  – தாயுமானவர் –

I do not know anything else except everyone being Happy, O All-Pervading Being!  – Thaayumaanavar –  (A Sage of India)

“Ennuyir Anbe…” (My Life, My Love) is a Tamil Song Album, set in a unique Ghazal style. Please see Music Blog for a brief definition, rules and description of a Ghazal. In short, Ghazals are poems whose words blend and rhyme so well, resulting in a beautiful musical melody.  This is Volume 1 of the 3 Volumes of this album.  Even though all the songs in the album are Ghazals, each volume has a unique style, different composers and arrangers.  So it is safe to say that each volume is in reality a unique, separate album.

Unai Pole Thunaiyonru
Inru Indha Sambavam
Nee Varaadhirukkum Pechu
Marandhu Povadhaai Irundhaal
Kalangam Ulagam Thanthadhu
Ullathil Paravasam Undaakkinaal
Inba Vedhanai Uyarthidungalen
Indha Nilayum Vandhu Serum

VasundharaEnnuyir Anbe (Volume 1)