Badli Teri Nazar

“Badli Teri Nazar” (Your Outlook Changed) is a Ghazal album. The tunes of some of the Ghazals these days are not really like the way they used to be – authentic and more prone towards classical music. However, the tunes, arrangements and lyrics of all the Ghazal albums on this website are by great Ustads and Maestros who come a long lineage of genuine musicians and professionals. A feature particular to this album is that there are multiple singers who are all great Ustads themselves.

Badli Teri Nazar
Darde Dil Ki Bata Dava
Ab To Ghabraake
Dil Ko Kya Ho Gaya
Reh Reh Ke Teri Yaad
Kheench Laati Hai Justaju Teri
Teri Baaten Hi Sunaane Aaye
Jab Tavajjo Teri Nahin Hoti
Kisi Ka Dard Chupaana

VasundharaBadli Teri Nazar